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Bethlehem Country Club

Updated 26 September 2023. Every effort has been made to use the latest, most accurate information. Please always confirm information details with the site operator or vendor prior to any purchase decisions.


Bethlehem Country Club is an established village with beautiful trees and gardens. It has become part of the Arvida Group which gives residents preferential access to Arvida care facilities.

Things to Like

  • An extensive range of activities and facilities

  • Preferential access to the Arvida care centres

  • Fixed weekly fees

  • Walking distance to Bethlehem Town Centre

Things to Note

  • There is a waiting list at this village

  • Bethlehem  Country Club residents have access to some of the amenities at Bethlehem Shores and vice versa.

Entry Costs

Not available. One of the higher entry costs.

Deferred Management Fee

The Deferred Management Fee will be an amount equal to 7.5% per annum for 4 years of the Entry Payment that was made to a maximum of 30%.

Weekly Fees

Not available. Fixed for life and ends when the Occupation Right Agreement is terminated.

Village Size

Age of Entry



In the Area

Bethlehem Town Centre

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