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Searching for a new house

If you are ready to rightsize or require assisted living then we have the experience to help; whether it is to a smaller home in one of Tauranga's popular retirement suburbs or moving to one of the many lifestyle villages in our region.

Our search process is designed to give you the information to make an informed decision on your next move. It will also help you to understand new terms associated with village life such as "License to Occupy" and "Deferred Management Fee" or what a Body Corporate does.

Search Services

  • Learn some of the things to watch out for when moving to a smaller home

  • Hear about different retirement housing options in Tauranga and what they have to offer

  • Receive updates of properties matching your requirements

  • Optional home pick-up service for prospective house and village viewings

  • Support during the purchase process

  • Contact us to find out about our cost effective search services


Successfully Marketing your Home

Seniors Real Estate is a boutique real estate company that is all about adding value to its older clients. After five years in the Tauranga Real Estate market, clients can trust that your salesperson will do the right thing and work with you to get the best price for your property. 

With low overheads gained by minimising office space, Seniors Real Estate passes on the savings to clients with some of the lowest rates in the market.

Seniors Real Estate utilises the latest digital technology to market your home ensuring the broadest reach to get the best market value. Your salesperson will take the time to ensure you understand the process and can move forward at your pace.

Tauranga House Sale Process

  • Carry out a detailed market appraisal
  • Explanation of the different marketing methods available
  • Preparation of marketing material
  • Distribution of flyers
  • Holding open homes and viewings
  • Contract negotiation
  • Co-ordination of move timings
  • Lifestyle village liaison
  • Supergold Card discount
  • There is no charge for a market appraisal


Moving Safely

It is easy to collect a lifetime of "valuable" items. When moving to a smaller home serious consideration needs to be made about what items you wish to take with you.

If you are decluttering by yourself then the best way is to start small, with a cupboard or bookcase and then move up from there. One successful approach is to put your items into four groups:

1. Items that you wish to keep

2. Items that you wish to sell

3. Items that you wish to give away and donate

4. Items to be thrown away

If it all seems too much then there are several decluttering/downsizing companies in Tauranga then we can introduce you to along with cleaners and gardeners and moving companies.

Move Services

  • Talk with us to understand where you may need additional help
  • Managing timings
  • Organising cleaning, decluttering and moving quotes or make use of trusted moving partners
  • Please ask about our end-to-end Downsizing Project Management service  with a support person with you through each stage of the search, sale and move process.

Why Seniors Real Estate

30 years of marketing, property, and professional project management expertise combined with generations of local knowledge allows Seniors Real Estate to offer a unique breadth of experience for clients while being kind and dependable.

Experience: Tauranga house sale and marketing, subdivisions, seniors real estate specialist, project management

Connections: Access to a broad network of reputable suppliers

Integrity: We will do what we say

Community: A commitment to supporting our community and people