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Real Estate Update - July 2022

Winter is here along with more rain than I can remember in my 50 years. I’ve noticed Erlicheer are blossoming so spring is just around the corner. There has been the normal real estate market winter slowdown which requires patience if you are selling. Buyers are still looking, there are just not as many as last year. Residential prices have come back from their high in November 2021, however at a June median price of $970,000 they remain 3.2% above the median price of $940,000 for the same time last year.

In June I attend a workshop to focus on housing requirements for seniors. In attendance were most of the key players who provide affordable seniors housing in Tauranga. One of the main points discussed is that there is support available for those that are struggling. This includes rates support, accommodation supplements and alternative housing options. If you know someone who needs help then it is worth approaching Age Concern, Citizens Advice Bureau, WINZ or MSD. There are an increasing number of seniors renting and there is a focus on ways that the pool of suitable housing for seniors can be grown.

Seniors Real Estate Tip: When moving, take a look around for companies that are specialising in decluttering and assisted moving for seniors. A good company will do their best to make the move smooth and will take the pressure off a bit.