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Real Estate Update - October 2022

Spring has been a mixed bag and we have not seen the spring uplift in the real estate market that is traditionally expected. Buyers are holding back; waiting for house prices to finish their decline while also keeping a wary eye on rising interest rates.

This quarter I have enjoyed showing seniors who are looking to rightsize their homes different alternatives in Tauranga such as retirement villages, 55+ villages and seniors suburbs. Each option comes with advantages and disadvantages and sometimes “aging in place” is a good option.

For seniors thinking of aging in place there are three priority areas to look at in your home and to renovate if necessary. The first is the bathroom; showers need to have a level access and room for a wheelchair to turn around in. Built in seating is an advantage and a grab-bar a necessity. The toilet needs to be a comfortable height and the installation of a bidet is becoming more popular. A wheelchair accessible vanity and non-slip flooring will complete this area.

The second priority area is access to the house and within the house. Ramps can be installed and can often be cleverly designed to complement the exterior. If the house is multi-level, then an elevator or chair lift can be installed. Alternatively, the house may be able to be renovated so all living is on a single level. Finally, a well-thought-out kitchen will make the house welcoming for all. This can include wheelchair accessible benches and a safe induction cooktop. Pull-out drawers make it easier to reach items and this includes dish drawer and freezer drawer options.

Seniors Real Estate Tip:

There are a lot of options to consider for seniors housing or aging in place so it’s worth taking time to consider all options.