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Summer Newsletter 2024

Welcome to the Seniors Real Estate summer newsletter.As the weather warms up, there is also a warming up of the real estate market with particular activity in the first-home buyers market. Vendors are also getting ready to list their properties. In this newsletter I showcase a lovely home in the Avenues.We are always working with seniors who are looking for homes suitable for downsizing and I would love to hear from you if you have a safe, single level house with access to good transport and ame...

February 8, 2024

Why is decluttering so hard?

There are a multitude of reasons why some of us collect clutter while others seem to have it figured out and maintain a clutter-free oasis. Some reasons include our personality type, our upbringing, our motivation, time pressures or some combination of them all. There are also as many reasons to avoid clutter. Firstly, it’s is a health hazard with many injuries caused by tripping over items left in random places. Secondly, clutter doesn’t look good and thirdly, it’s hard to find things. To...

December 12, 2023

Spring Newsletter 2023

Welcome to our Spring Newsletter. Winter was an exciting time for Seniors Real Estate after joining Independent Agent, an innovative company that supports boutique real estate businesses. We have grown our specialist offerings for the senior community including search assistance and excellent senior rates.Part of my week is spent volunteering for Grey Power,  advocating for our older residents. Of particular concern is finding suitable and affordable rental accommodation for seniors an...

October 12, 2023

Tauranga Elder Housing Transcript

Thank you for the opportunity to speak today. I’m representing Grey Power Tauranga & WBOP. Grey Power is an advocacy organisation promoting the welfare and well-being of all those citizens in the 50+ age group. My role on the local committee is to advocate for safe and affordable housing for our older residents.Through my volunteer work with Grey Power and my day-job in Seniors Real Estate I have been regularly approached by distressed superannuitants trying to find affordable rental accom...

August 31, 2023

Ageing in Place

In 2002 a New Zealand policy directive named “Ageing in Place” was established with a view to supporting older people to remain in their own homes rather than having to move into residential care. In order to achieve the strategy an integrated approach to health and disability support services was proposed.On balance, this strategy has been successful and has allowed many older New Zealanders to remain in their own homes and keep the independence that is so important later in life. However, ...

May 1, 2023

Retirement Villages Act Review

Nothing has highlighted the inequities caused by the loss of capital gain in retirement villages as much as the dramatic property price increases of the past few years so it is timely that the Retirement Villages Act 2003 review is being started in 2023.The following story provides a good example of how the loss of capital gain can trap residents in a village. A Tauranga couple sold their lovely, large family home 10 years ago and bought into a local retirement village. The price they paid was i...

April 13, 2023

Summer Newsletter 2023

Welcome to my summer newsletter.Following a year in which real estate prices corrected themselves after the boom of 2021, it seems likely that 2023 will bring some stability in prices. That said, predictions are that there will be a cautious approach to real estate until the general election later this year.On a personal note, I have continued to develop expertise in the seniors real estate sector beyond the traditional salesperson offering. I completed the Diploma in Real Estate (Agent) qualifi...

February 1, 2023

Real Estate Update - December 2022

The property market continued to slow in spring 2022 with prices declining and time on the market increasing. Rising interest rates are leaving many purchasers waiting to see what will happen in 2023. There is still steady demand as long as vendors are prepared to negotiate. Often, retirement is a time for significant life transitions. For example, does your current home match your future dreams? Many people use this time to upsize, downsize, or move to a new destination. Perhaps home is where r...

December 9, 2022

Real Estate Update - October 2022

Spring has been a mixed bag and we have not seen the spring uplift in the real estate market that is traditionally expected. Buyers are holding back; waiting for house prices to finish their decline while also keeping a wary eye on rising interest rates. This quarter I have enjoyed showing seniors who are looking to rightsize their homes different alternatives in Tauranga such as retirement villages, 55+ villages and seniors suburbs. Each option comes with advantages and disadvantages and someti...

October 26, 2022


 Top 10 Rightsizing Tips...

September 20, 2022

New Retirement Village - Omokoroa Country Club

With the continuing growth in the retirement sector along with the rapid growth occurring in Omokoroa, it is no surprise that a new village is being constructed on the peninsula. The Sanderson Group, who have built villages such as Omokoroa Country Estate and Bethlehem Shores, will develop the new village.

August 13, 2022

Real Estate Update - July 2022

Winter is here along with more rain than I can remember in my 50 years. I’ve noticed Erlicheer are blossoming so spring is just around the corner. There has been the normal real estate market winter slowdown which requires patience if you are selling. Buyers are still looking, there are just not as many as last year. Residential prices have come back from their high in November 2021, however at a June median price of $970,000 they remain 3.2% above the median price of $940,000 for the same tim...

July 31, 2022

Winter Property Update 2022

Welcome to my winter newsletterAs the weather changes we are getting use to a new property market with higher listing numbers and lower sales. After a busy market the change of pace requires a lot of patience.I have continued to establish myself in the complex field of seniors real estate and enjoy the challenge of finding the right property for my clients. At the moment I have a two properties that would suit buyers looking for low maintenance and easy care.We have a lovely Bethlehem property f...

June 7, 2022

Grey Power Tauranga & WBOP Website

I was delighted to be able to help Grey Power Tauranga & WBOP set up their new website which has just launched.  If you are interested in supporting an organisation that is a voice for seniors (and offers discounted electricity) then take a look here :

May 23, 2022

Summer Property Update 2022

Welcome to my Summer NewsletterThe real estate market remained busy through to the end of 2021 with record high prices and quick sales. During summer the results of tighter bank lending rules slowed activity by first home buyers and investors which rippled through the whole market with higher numbers of listings and a smaller pool of buyers. That said, it’s been a busy summer for me as I start to be recognised as a trusted advisor in the Seniors Real Estate market. It is very satisfying being ...

January 21, 2022

Update December 2021

The residential housing market in Tauranga has stayed strong with the median price increasing in October. November appears to have brought a shift in the market with a lift in available housing stock meaning more choice for buyers and less competition.There are many predictions on what the housing market may do and whether a big price adjustment will occur. Tony Alexander, who was the BNZ Chief Economist for over 20 years released an article on 2 December entitled “17 reasons why the boom is o...

December 10, 2021

Lifestyle / Retirement Village Winners

Several of the Tauranga retirement villages were nominated in their categories for the best village in the Aged Advisor awards. Follow this link to find out the nominees:

December 3, 2021

Rising Prices in Retirement Villages

The cost of retirement village villas and apartments is likely to start to follow house price increases. This article from Stuff talks about what to expect:

November 10, 2021

Consumers' Review of New Zealand's "Big Six" Village Operators


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